Dimensions 1200es, $18’500, Cincinnati, OH, USA

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Dimensions 1200ES 3D FDM Printer

Cincinnati, OH

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We are selling our Dimension 1200ES serial number 8193. Machine has been under maintenance since at least October 2014. Maintenance contract expired on October 7, 2015. Cost of new maintenance contract is $3950 and not included in sale price. If desired, we could easily purchase maintenance contract and pass-through cost of contract at the net expense of $3950 and maintenance contracts are transferable to anywhere in the country.

It has been a reliable and well maintained machine. Run history is attached, note that the run history file corresponds to machine 8193, this was just a typo in naming the machine. We will provide documentation as part of purchase that the run history corresponds to 8193. If you are seriously looking at this machine, you are probably familiar with the specifications, build envelope is 10″ by 10″ by 12″. This machine is running version 10.3 printer software which is recently introduced and has the feature of stopping build when model or support material cartridge is empty. It also eliminates the need for purge cycle when changing model or support material. The machine uses model material P430 and support material, P400SR. Both can be purchased from any Stratasys reseller in your local area. Full specifications on the machine are at the following website link.

The machine is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and available for inspection under normal business hours Monday through Friday. Note that the price includes one box of mixed new and used build trays, partial material cartridges of unknown quantity, probably less than 20%, about 5-6 of them, support removal station and 3-4 containers of the support removal solution. It also includes professional crating and shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Machine will be crated and ship within seven calendar days of purchase. Deduct $750 for on-site pickup, but payment must process through PayPal. Although machine has been under maintenance contract, it is being sold as is where is without warranty and representation.

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